How to get started with Urworld SIM?

Save on voice and data roaming costs and be connected 24/7 365



Step 1

Go to and follow the instructions on the website to register and choose your global number. You will receive a verification Email to confirm registration.


Step 2

Turn off your mobile phone to exchange the SIM card, or use a second phone or a phone with dual SIM. Snap out the correct SIM card size and insert it into your phone. To use Urworld SIM, make sure that your phone has no SIM-lock.


Step 3

Turn on your mobile device and wait a few minutes while it searches for a network. You will receive a SMS to confirm activation.


Step 4

In case data connection is unavailable automatically, make sure APN settings (Access Point Name) are set to “chili”. Click on video to view detailed instructions.


Step 5

In case data connection is still unavailable, make sure the preferred network is set to 2G/3G depending on available networks. This is found in settings on your phone.


Step 6

Activate “Mobile Data” for Internet, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Deactivate when not required.


Step 7

When making a call – make sure the prefix “+” and country code or “00” and country code (e.g. “+27” or “0027”) is required when dialling any local or international phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay using AMEX?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards, including AMEX, Mastercard and VISA.

How long is my Urworld SIM card valid ?

The validity of the Urworld SIM card depends on the amount of usage. When using the SIM regularly it will not expire, but If you do not use the SIM card for a period of 180 days, a small monthly processing / number reservation fee (currently EUR 1.75 monthly) will be debited from the balance of the SIM from the 180 +1 day on.

How do I register my Urworld SIM card ?

Before the Urworld SIM card can be used a personal account (MyAccount) will be created. Please go to https:// and follow the instructions.

Why do I have to register with my personal details ?

International telephony legislation requires registration.

How can I verify my displayed Urworld phone number?

Dial the following USSD Short Code on your mobile device: * 135 # - a message will be displayed with the phone number visible to a 3rd party (caller ID).

I lost my SIM card, what should I do ?

Have your SIM card blocked to prevent illegal usage by sending an email to

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